With Hydromonit, you can monitor your antennas in your base stations and the energy expenditure of BTS outer cabinets and shelters; perform productivity analysis by comparing the fuel consumption of your generators that you use as an energy source and critical alarms like theft alarm with energy measurement. At the same time, temperature, humidity, gas sensors can help your base stations work efficiently and healthily. You can safely manage the base station with our locking system and night vision cameras that are specially developed for field security.

Energy Management

You can track energy expenditures for all devices running on the base station and you can create notices with scenarios.

Resource Management

You can manage, measure, track all the resources that supply the system.  You can monitor resources such as Solar Panel, Generator, Wind Turbine, and mains.


With the advanced locking system, motion detectors and surveillance cameras you can secure the field.

HVAC (Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation)

You can monitor your air conditioners, fans or ventilation systems remotely, if available in the system, you can instantaneously measure the base temperatures of your devices and have them automatically controlled with certain scenarios.

Fuel Management

If you supply the field with generator, you can measure the fuel that the generator consumes and cope with missing fuel problem with our smart analysis systems such as theft detection and filling detection.

Battery Monitoring System

It constantly controls your batteries and triggers a possible problem as an alarm before it occurs. Thus, you can change the troubled battery without damaging other batteries.

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