Images from cameras operating in all countries are processed and recorded in the center. At the same time, we can detect people in 1 millisecond within 100 million pictures. This system has begun to work on border gates. All the algorithms belong to me. And we can do all of this with a single server.

What a Facial Recognition System is

What a facial recognition system is in technological terms, what methods are used, what different methods we use that others do not.

How to make a Crime Analysis

How to make a crime analysis by using a facial recognition system and additional technologies. What methods are used.

  • • We have examined several methods in detail. The accuracy rate of no method was above 65% and the most important problem was that algorithms imposed a large load on the processor. First, we required vectorial processing and discovered a perfect correlation between the refraction points and features on an image.

  • • While other methods use pixel scanning, we could identify the features through vectorial processing of planar shadows created by the light at specific values. Then, we vectorially generated planes between features. And we could recognize the face by comparing the interrelations between these planes.

  • • With our algorithm, the accuracy rate can be as high as 98% and more importantly, we can work ensuring high performance of CPU and GPU. The size of the data to be stored is as small as a few BYTES, which allows minimization of communication expenses.

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